Sunday, October 4, 2015

Footy Fever

I just had to record this years NRL Grand Final for posterity, so I  will  understand if you skip this one.

Ipswich Jets also won the State NRL Grand Final.

Great year for Queensland!! Even though I  am a rabid Broncos fan, Jonathan Thurston, captain of our opponents the North Queensland Cowboys is a favourite Queenslander. So I  won't be toooo sad if they get up and win.
On that note...GO BRONCOS!
Normal tranmission with stitching and such will resume in the very near future!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Saturday, October 3, 2015


Last night was our virtual sewing night in blogland hosted by the lovely  Cheryll from Gone Stitching. She once again left the key under the mat so we could let ourselves in and have trusting lol!
Hubby and I were on babysitting duty last evening and so I  knew I wouldn't get any stitching done so I had a FAWF instead.
After making a gaff with the  amount of small hexie flowers I needed for my Roma quilt I had lost momentum. So I  laid out what I had for a little ponder.

I quite liked this layout and I had enough flowers and more importantly it meant that I could move I trimmed off the gorgeous FG charm squares (a gift from Cheryll) and sewed them together.

I am pleased with the result....
I am going to  applique something in the corners but ...still thinking. My next dilemma is the next row. I was trying not to  have solid borders but I think it may need it. Plus I have to try and keep the dimensions so that all the other bigger applique blocks will fit. I am so not mathematically minded...lots to consider still.
I hope you enjoyed your stitching evening too.
Thank you  Cheryll.
I am off to an art workshop on "back to basics with graphite pencils" 
Enjoy your day.
Namaste and Blessings
Michelle xxx

Thursday, October 1, 2015

A Morning Out

I have had a lovely morning today catching up  with  fellow blogger, Liz from Village Quilters. All the way from our southern states. Liz is visting family. I forgot my camera piccie. I can however show you the little pieces of treasure that leapt into my bag at The Quilters Store at Salisbury...

I needed a few extra pieces for my "Roma" pretty! I was quite restrained amongst all that gorgeous fabric and only bought what I  needed...ohh hard!
A coffee and a very yummy apple tart finished off our visit beautifully. Thanks Liz x
I just have to share with you a huge extravagance for me. Ever since I  began art classes I have drooled over the complete set of Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils..120 in total. They're very expensive and I didn't think I  would ever have them all. But then I decided I would just save and save all my pennies and see if I could fill my piggy bank. Finally a few weeks ago I came across a very good price and I bought them.

There are 3 trays of gorgeous colours...

I am so looking forward to using them....maybe even on my latest WIP...little Tassie.

Still lots to do but he is coming on. They are one of my favourite Aussies. So sad to think we may lose them to that horrible virus.
On a brighter note my Clivia has out done herself this year with 5 bracts of flowers. I grew it from a small piece so I am quite chuffed.

Seeing as I have played truant from my work today, I best get moving and do a little bit.
Namaste and Blessings 
Michelle xxx

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I like to revisit designs that I have done earlier sometimes and so it was with this one. I stitched it in a deep raspberry DMC 814 for a change as I have some fabric that I  would like to use with it. I have always loved this design as it perfectly reflects how I feel about Christmas.
I really enjoyed stitching it again.

It is  a cushion pattern but I  think  I  fancy a wall hanging....fabrics here I come!
I have also been playing with this...

It is nice to be doing some stitching.  I have been taking it easy as I have had a sore hand, a bit of "arfa" I feel. So by not stitching every hour that God sends has helped...funny that!
When I  caught up with my friends at stitching last week I received some lovely gifts for my birthday....I know! Still? Well yes it was a lovely surprise. We hadn't been able to catch up as we were all away at different times.
I now have a beautiful project bag from Diane, the cutest tin in the world from Robyn and a sweet, sweet mug from Mary. Thank you girls, you are too lovely. 

Well chores await...and I  promised myself that I  could work on some little designs with my pencils if I  did them. I may even shout myself a coffee in my new pretty mug.
Have a beautiful day.
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx 

Monday, September 28, 2015

A Few More Samples For Sale

Good morning. As promised I have 3 more samples for sale. Just a reminder this is for Aussie girls only because of the postage costs. I am asking $2.00 postage on top of the price.
No. 1 "Beary Friends " wall hanging $15.00 (this one needs a hanger or pocket)

No.2 "Decorate your Heart" wall hanging  $15.00

No.3 "Sisters " wall hanging  $25.00

Poor old "Cherish" cushion cover is still available. I am reducing it to $8.00 + postage.

Email me if you are interested at 
As you know I have been having a good old heave ho and clean up in my sewing room. I share the space with hubby when he works from home. 
Excitement!  I can find my sewing machine and actually cut things...

All the boxes are back on my shelves....and a bit lighter believe it or not! 

I was so over it yesterday that I planted some herbs and a geranium cutting I was gifted on holidays. Well imagine my surprise this morning when I  discovered that MumPoss had helped herself to the Italian parsley.
I totally forgot possums love parsley.....she does test the friendship some!
Have a lovely day.
Namaste and blessings.
Michelle  xxx  

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Simple Things

As you all know I am a soppy sentimentalist and when I  saw this little posy of pink carnations yesterday, I couldn't help but bring them home. Now they were not the showiest or the prettiest in the florist but they were always my dear Nana's favourite and they bring her close to me...

I also had a little wander down memory lane as I continue to Spring clean. I  think I have kept every card ever given to me and I made the difficult  (for me) decision to recycle the ones that didn't hold sentiment for me. But I  had to read them all as I went and needless to say...couldn't part with those from hubby, the children and expressions of dear friends kindness....

I am very proud of  what I did discard however. I am still beavering away in my sewing cave....headway is being made slowly. 
There is something about living in a space 7ft x 16ft for a month that makes you realise what you actually need to make you happy....NOT that I  will ever be a minimalist as I am positive "bower bird" is in my DNA but it did make me want to declutter just a tad..

A little stitching has been happening....a bit of secret stuff.

And I worked on my redwork last night during the footy...
Brilliant game and our Broncos are off to the Grand Final. ..first time in 9 years Yay!!!
I am really happy to have hung my "Bluebird Wisdom" quilt up for Spring also.
I love this cheery quilt, bringing my feathered friends inside with me. 

I wish you all a lovely weekend.  I'm off to the library and then back to sorting the cave.
Namaste and Blessings 
Michelle xxx

Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Little Freebie

Well I finally got my Spring Mini up even though it is nearly the end of the month....
and trying very hard to get some order in my sewing cave which is in a word "horrendous".
Definitely won't be any before and after piccies lol! Mainly because the "after" seems so far away.
I promised you a little free design and finally it is on my sidebar under my sketchpad for you to download.
It is a little celebration of Family, Friends and Spring arriving. I have added the word "Family" next to the design in case you want to replace the word "friend" with it.
I hope you like it and you find it useful.
A little note... the samples that are left are...
Let me know if you want them. Thanks everyone for your interest and lovely comments.
I will have a couple more things on Monday.
Coffee is calling...enjoy your day.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx