Sunday, February 1, 2015

A Freebie Folks!

I have a little freebie for you from my sketchpad. I do hope you have fun with it and enjoy stitching it. Because I only have lovely people following my blog I am sure I really don't need to ask you to only use it for yourselves or to gift others....light someone else's candle xx
My best friend Ann was my inspiration as we truly are friends for all seasons.
Stitching wise I have finished stitching my Sue Daley stitchery....
and that's all I can say about that! I thought I had better get to and trace out a couple of my Alphabet letters for
otherwise the girls will be overtaking me...don't you hate it when your tracing pen is about to run out...very light tracings but they are on!
Enjoy the rest of your day,
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Vintage and Faux Vintage

Good morning to you all. This week I had a very busy week but the "Happy" kind of busy....great Art class, stitching at my friend Lorel's and friend Diane's. It was my first one of each for the year. How I had missed these ladies. Whilst at Lorel's she bought out a little treasure she had found amongst her Mother's things.
Beautiful delicate ladies gloves and a hand embroidered sachet to keep them safe.
Both pairs are in immaculate condition and the embroidery on the sachet is beautiful. The white pair of gloves have a lace top...
Aren't they sweet. They took me straight back to Sunday mornings in church listening to my Grandfather deliver the sermon from the pulpit  and my Grandmother playing the organ (in her best hat and gloves)....and myself sitting there in my gloves and hat and trying to sit still (a great difficulty for me) LOL!
Thanks Lorel for allowing me to share them. I think they are gorgeous.
Now to the Faux Vintage or Antique.....after finishing the applique on my central block of my newly named quilt "Remembering Roma"....thank you Annette from Jindi's Cottage Annette suggested to me it would be nice to incorporate my Grandmother into the quilts name as I have particularly included her much loved pink carnations in the quilt.
I did a little embroidery to finish it off.
Viola! Block finished!
Roma was my Grandmother and she has been on my mind a lot whilst working on this quilt (which is always a comfort to me)  and as she adored flowers, loved pink carnations, little birds and was married to an Englishman it seems perfect to call it "Remembering Roma"...much better than the "1700's type" quilt lol! A little side note her name was actually Lillian Roma but she detested the Lillian for some reason and went by her second name of Roma....all who loved her knew her as Roma.
I am working on four little six pointed stars for the corners around the central panel next.
I have actually been busy stitching...some secret stuff and this little stitchery by Sue Daley.
After admiring some stitching that Sandi from Forevermoore was doing with DMC 840's (I chose 840) I had been keen to try it and I love the softer more vintagey look it gives. Thanks Sandi x
I can't show you what it is all about as it is a secret...far too many nosey parkers around lol!
Enjoy your weekend everyone, we are off to decide who is going to do us over the least and VOTE!
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Getting There Slowly

It  is a lovely rainy day here today......sooo lovely and cool!
After finally drawing out the design for the centre piece on the 1700's type quilt (I really must think of a name) I laid it out ready to applique.
Some progress has been made and  I have begun to applique the pieces down.
As pink Carnations were my grandmothers favourite and they grew in her garden, I had to add a few.
I am really pleased at how the central panel is looking with the side pieces. I think it will look quite good.
Still lots to do but I am loving every minute of it.....some more ivy and some blossom is required and of course that sweet little birdie somewhere in there too.
I have decided that this year I wanted to also stitch one of my Alphabets into a quilt ( I thought it might be nice for the Grandies) and I have chosen Country at Heart Alphabet.
Some of my friends have it as well and are planning to keep me company and stitch a long with me. Have to go and cut out and trace my ABC'S and then I am off to my first stitching day and night for the year...yay!
It's a very special day for our youngest Grandson today as he is a BIG school boy today and starts Prep.
This was the big fit out but he gets to do it for real today. Big hugs Cooper, I wish you an awesome day xxx
That's it from me for today...hope yours is a good one.
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx

Monday, January 26, 2015

No guessing what today is!  I hope you are enjoying your day. I thought I would indulge myself and post a couple of things that are great about growing up in Australia...
Getting Vegemite all over your face when you eat it....
Swimming in Summer with your Cuz....
Riding through puddles...
Kicking a footy...
Chilling in the paddle pool...'
Fish and chips at Wynnum...
 Long may these idyllic days continue for all Aussie kids! Happy Australia Day Everyone!
I am off for a Lamington and a cuppa....oh and a spot of stitching.
Namaste and blessings,
Michelle xxx

Saturday, January 24, 2015

FNSI - January

The year is now in full swing and I signed up  to join the other stitcher's in blogland for..
Lovely Wendy from Sugarlane Quilts was our hostess. I have been working on some secret stitching stuff so I can't show you that. So I decided to work on my "1700's type" quilt blocks. I want two straight pieces with simple applique for down each side of the main medallion piece. So I set out preparing those.
I decided on tulip flowers each end as I want them in the centre piece. I managed to get them appliqued on and the middle bloom cut out.
A bit more quiet stitching today will hopefully see them finished. I finished off the night with a little applique on a baby Dresden block.
Earlier in the day I finished off my name badge for the Let's Get Stitched meeting in Brisbane....hope I got it right and my partner likes it.
 I hope your long weekend in Oz is a great one.
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Gift to Myself

Things are a little crazy still at my place but I hope to get back to some normality shortly. This year I have realized a little dream I have held close to my heart and that is to take some art classes. I have been harboring this desire for quite a long while now. So recently I put on my big girl pants after the universe intervened and put the extremely talented Sandra Temple on my path and signed up for classes with her. Oh what joy! I cannot tell you how wonderful, frustrating, challenging and all together stupendous it has been for me.
There have been quite a lot of techniques to practice and exercises to do. I have learnt so much already. Today I got to take Webster along so that I could practice fur because I really want to draw lots more wildlife. So a very quiet little furry person that would sit still was just the ticket. Lions, wolves and real bears just aren't that way inclined.

He was a very good model....
Can't wait for the next class! Speaking of little sweet bears....Calendar Bears Stitch-a-long in Country Threads Magazine is in the shops this week. Very happy little Bears here!
I do hope you enjoy them if you chose to stitch a long xx
I have been stitching. None of which I can show you as it is either commission work or sneaky secret stuff but I can tell you I have been having a very nice time with this bundle.
That's it from me. I shall pop back when I can.
Take care,
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx

Friday, January 16, 2015

A Quick Catch Up

Good morning all. Just popped in to say I am still here. I have had and continue to have a house guest. My Mum is staying with me and so I haven't has time to post or see what you have all been up to. A bit of lurking has been going on but that is it. So I feel that catching up on all that reading is out of my grasp...apologies!
Do any of you have a beautiful Aunty. I am sure some of you do. I have and she is my Aunty Dawn and I have loved her forever. Funny, kind, a great teller of tales, avid nature lover....great company all round. I visit her when I can and as my Mum was here we went for a visit. She is on the right here with my Mum.
We always have a lovely time. Catch up on the news of my cousins who live away, talk about family and old family stories. I just love it. This time my Aunt had a very special surprise for me. She knows I collect Cranberry/white china and I had once admired a partial coffee pot and two cups and saucers.
When we arrived she had it all parcel up and insisted she wanted me to have it. Isn't it beautiful? Talk about being spoilt. I will always treasure it, just as I do my Aunt.
On the sewing front I have been catching up on work committments, writing instructions and working on some commissioned projects. I have been sneaking the odd EPP block sewing in as well.
Calendar Bears:
A lot of you have been emailing me about the commencement of the monthly stitch-a-long in Country Threads magazine.
The first block January (of course) will be on sale on or about January 22nd. I have it on very good authority.
That's it from me..enjoy your weekend.
Namaste and Blessings
Michelle xxx