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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Crocodiles Plus

Our trip to the Art Gallery and Museum was very interesting and instructions were given to snap the famous NT croc, Sweetheart! Poor thing was accidentally killed during capture so underwent some taxidermy work and now resides in the museum....HUGE!

Coffee and cake was definitely required after all that culture and learnin'.
On the Misters bucket list was the "Orginal Adelaide River Jumping Crocodiles Cruise" Not so much! But being a wussy good sport, I got talked into it.
I like the kind above! Or Mr R's friend.
The boat seemed a wee bit small for me....however! 

We had a delightful and knowledgeable guide called Steve who assured me all would be well.....
Thankfully he did not tell me the river was home to about 7,000 crocodiles!

Scary stuff impressed with myself but then I couldn't really decide to get off mid tour....some of the action!

This happened more than once with different animals...yikes! This big bloke....18 foot is called Agro....I was thrilled to hear that he does not jump....phew!

I was very happy...almost hysterically so to get back to my pretend friend on shore.
Have to say they make a mean Latte and Cappuccino here.
On the way out to the cruise we had passed a little township called Humpty Doo and being crazy tourists liked the Boxing Croc outside the Post Office. As I  had mail to post we decided we would drop in on the way back and the Mister could get that Naff Croc photo....which we did.

Into the Post Office I wander to post my mail and who should I discover but the lovely Vickie a friend met on Lets Get Stitched retreat in Brisbane. I knew Vickie lived up this way but not exactly where....made my day! Talk about crazy.
Grabbed the paparazzi for a photo of course lol!
A quick hug and chat and then left Vickie in peace to get back to work. 
After all that adrenaline coursing through my veins yesterday, today I am treating myself to a day of quiet stitching....
My Darwin clamshell from the beautiful Indigenous fabric I bought here. I think it fits in nicely and will be a lovely reminder of here.
Where's the Mister? I shouted him a fishing charter for our Anniversary. He is hoping to catch a Barramundi! Which I might add I have become extremely fond of....yummo! Hubby shouted me a nice little trinket....not sharing here though.
Thats all folks!
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx 

Monday, August 14, 2017

Delightful Darwin

We have finally arrived at the object of our recent exercise......Darwin capital of our Top End. We began our time here with a visit to the much anticipated Mindil Beach markets and stayed for the sunset. Both interesting and amazing.
Live music......loved this bloke!
The markets were so busy......people everywhere!
Oh and this bloke....
He was very kind and bought me dinner. Next a possie on the beach for the jewel in the day....

Simply gorgeous!
Today we did a little sightseeing along the East Point Reserve....very picturesque. The colour of that water....

Whilst here we visited the Darwin Military Museum. Mr. R. is a big history of the war buff. Not in a glorification way but the history of it all I tagged along begrudgingly!
I shall spare you all those photos but I have to say that I am sure many Aussies don't realise what Darwin went through when 188 Japanese aircraft bombed the city on the 19th February 1942 at 9.58am. This and the follow up assault an hour later killed 251 people and sunk 11 ships and caused massive damage to the town.
At least 62 further raids would follow over the NT. When you gaze over the beautiful peaceful harbour it seems unimaginable! I love the story of the Aussie digger who was in the shower when the bombers went over.....he grabbed a towel for around his waist, donned his boots and helmet and manned his gun....shooting down a plane in the ensuing madness. When calm finally fell he realised his towel had gone long ago...of course his mates nicknamed him the "naked gun" Lol! His name was Wilbert Hudson and he won the Military Cross for his actions.
I was struck by this beautiful memorial to serviceman lost.
And surprise, surprise there is a beautiful quilt....

On the subject of quilts, I squeezed in a visit here too.
I have no idea what this is in Bicentennial Park but I really liked it.
A lovely park...
And I even discovered some explorer's history...

Loved the pretty blooms along the way too! Darwin you have so much to be proud of!

All in all a very nice day. It's a good day when you learn something new. We were very pleased with our navigational skills and then smudged our copybook by getting hopelessly lost looking for Woolies for some supplies lol! Success in the end.
Nighty night folks....cuppa waiting.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Friday, August 11, 2017

Litchfield National Park

Well the heat has well and truly found us here in Batchelor so we were glad of some cool respite by visting the park.....more pic heavy!
Our first stop was the Magnetic Termite Mounds....astonishing things!

This one is over 50 years old.

From there off to Florence pretty!
Loved this sweet little native bush just finishing its flowering.
We were really feeling the heat so we decided on a dip in Wangi Falls plunge pool. This spot was so beautiful!

Playing water nymph....the water was chilly and I loved it!
After lunch we visited Tolmer Falls...
Amazing  rock formations all around here.
Look at the colours in this group....
The view from the top was spectacular!
Hot and bothered again we decided to risk life and limb and scramble over slippery rocks for a cool down at Buley Rock Hole.

Ahhhh! Then home in time for the bird feeding....these are Red Collared Lorikeets. I thought they were our Rainbows from home but they are completely different apparently.
They were everywhere along with galahs, cockatoos and some cheeky honeyeaters.
Yesterday we visited the Butterfly house but too quick for my camera.
Loved this beautiful Frangipani. We call them Singapore Frangipani but apparently they are no such thing. I have a white one at home.
That is finally it for this post folks....thanks for hanging in there.
Litchfield definitely exceeded expectations!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx