....ohh and pencils and paper

Saturday, April 22, 2017

FNSI The Extended Version

I began FNSI at 10am with a sewing day with my friends.....selfie courtsey of ROBYN at Pidgeon Patch
There was some lovely show and tell.....Theresa's lovely quilt. I forgot to ask the name of the pattern but it is so pretty!

A few of the girls have been working out of their Edyta Sitar books and making the House quilt  and the Spool quilt. 
This is Sarah's beautiful spool quilt (these are SO on my bucket list )
Diane has her spools ready...

But she has been busy finishing her House quilt top....did I mention I love these quilts!
Fionna to the right of me in our selfie was celebrating a birthday. Diane baked a delicious Victoria Sponge. I  would love to have shown you but unfortunately on my plate there wasn't even a crumb left lol!
It was a very nice day with extremely nice friends.
I continued on with my hand quilting after dinner. ..not very exciting for you but it was for me....on to side 3!
I have 3 different needles threaded...1 for each side of the border in the ditches and one for the stippling in the centre.
I  find doing it that way keeps everything under a similiar tension and helps not to get puckers or for me anyway. So after a night channel flicking between my favourite "who dunnits" on the ABC and Fox for the Broncos game, I was happy with my evening. I hope you enjoyed yours too.
Thanks WENDY for hosting us again.
Well must fly....more decluttering happening here and must get stuck in.
Sadly this is not true for me today...
Ahhh well! I did have a wonderful quilting day yesterday.
My sidekick awaits. Enjoy your weekend. 
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Being a Complete Nana

Thankfully I am now on the last border. I do love hand quilting. I find it very meditative actually. However I am not the most creative of quilters and it usually consists of straight lines, maybe a leaf or heart occasionally and lots of meandering or stippling type quilting.
But as the definition of "Quilting " is to hold 3 layers together with a series of small running stitches.....I think I have happily and joyfully achieved that.
As I  have shared before my Daughter is a beautiful photographer especially in photographing children. Hers are always shanghaied as guinea pigs lol!
I really loved these she took recently of Miss E. Who seems to just love it.
So please indulge me while I share.

Have a wonderful in full of wonder at life's simple pleasures.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Monday, April 17, 2017


I hope you are enjoying your Easter break. I have been enjoying a nice quiet time. All other projects were abandoned this long weekend in favour of a serious hand quilting marathon on my Robyn Pandolph Heart quilt. I am so far along that I really wanted to get closer to finishing it.
I did take a break to visit my FIL and take him lunch. His first Easter alone...always difficult. We had a very nice visit and he was so proud to show me his gorgeous Cooktown Orchid in bloom. The colour was just stunning!

Today was Family day and we had a casual easy lunch....BBQ. I did a very easy cheat cake (store bought) and I decorated it with chocolate eggs and some of my Cooktown Orchid blooms.....pretty and it definitely disappeared down the rabbit hole!
Tying the Grandies down to get a photo was near impossible and resembled herding cats......too much playing to do! They get so excited to be together madness ensues lol!
Dinner will be my favourite.......leftovers!
Ok now that peace and quiet reigns again, it's back to my quilting!
I just loved this bit of Easter silliness so I hope you will excuse me?
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Birthday by the Bay

Yesterday I joined my friends to wish our dear friend Gaye a very happy special birthday.
We had lunch at the Lighthouse restaurant on the point at Cleveland. 

We had delicious local seafood. The tide was in during our lunch....our view across to the islands.
The sea is still a bit murky, I guess from all the flood waters flowing into it.
We had a lovely time and it's always nice to celebrate special occassions with lovely friends. Happy birthday Gaye xxx
Easter is fast approaching and mine will be very quiet....some time with family. I have a few Easter items that are old but treasured and several gifted items that I like to put out each year. They are all in place now.

Old favourite bunny is enjoying the yearly visit....she was made for me by a dear friend.
These bunnies are my favourite and are as old as my children......very old lol!
I love the runner too. The fabrics were also a gift bought back, from the USA.
And so my friends I wish you all a very Happy Easter.  If you are travelling please be safe.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Quick Post

Just a short one from me today. As a card carrying control freak I don't usually buy wild and colourful fabrics...they are usually of a particular colourway. So this months Rainbow Scrap Challenge was indeed a challenge for me. It was multicolured fabrics.
Anyhoo! This is my April offering...birdies turn this month.
One more little GJ stitchery done....
And I am exercising my brain with a 2nd block in Vases of Flowers.....a little progress.
Lovely pomegranates to come.
Ok I must I am doing a little of this today....with special friends.
Namaste And Blessings Michelle Xxx 

Monday, April 10, 2017


Happy Monday folks. I am enjoying a very nice cool morning....sunshine and a light breeze and bird calls all around kind of start to the day. Coffee is on its way.
A quiet weekend at home is what I fancied and what I achieved this past weekend.  I pulled a weed here and there, watered the garden but mostly sat and stitched. I haven't worked on any stitchery for a while until recently. So I stitched up a storm.
3 more letters were finished in my Country at Heart Alphabet....S....T....U

2 little teeny blocks from Gardener's Journal were stitched as well.
Yesterday Mr. R. had a watching sport type date so I cosied down in my chair and watched "How to Make an American Quilt ". I had recorded it for just this type of occassion. I  do love that movie. Although I still cringe when Winona Ryder drags that beautiful quilt through the dirt......I still shout..."pick the end of that quilt up girl! " Lol! Whilst watching I traced out all the remaining blocks for GJ....
So there is no turning back now! "Quiet " may not be everyone's cup of tea but often it is definitely mine.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx