....ohh and pencils and paper

Monday, July 17, 2017

Catching Up

Friday I  joined some friends for a stitching day....a really lovely day....thank you Fionna. Beautiful treats and great company. I worked on my Gardener's Journal blocks as I have been neglecting them. I kept on over the weekend and finished the block....Resting in the Garden.
Because I was expected to be on the road by now my friends gave me two more birthday gifts. I decided to open them before the birthday grinch at home confiscated them until the actual day...friend Robyn makes gorgeous project pouches and I adored one she had made recently in this gorgeous fabric.
Now one lives with me....ohhh love it!
As well as beautiful Australian floral coasters by Australian artist Meryl Bell.
In side this pretty box was the cutest tea cosy hand crocheted by my friend Monica.
It fits my teapot perfectly. Love spoilt I am. Thanks lovely ladies xxx
Speaking of birthdays this weekend we had family ones....dear Father in law and our Son. Celebrating the fact you have had another turn around the sun is special.
The number is getting bigger so No 1 Son needed helpers for the candle blowing out!
Hexies are still ruling my world. The centre of Brinton Hall is assembled.
I am now working on the 92 hexagons for the borders around the centre.
Do you ever get all efficient and buy fabric for a project and safely pop it away only to use it for another project completely forgetting it was earmarked for something else.
Exactly what I have done for the blue borders for this quilt. It is now the beautiful binding on my Heart quilt, recently completed!!! Senior moment! So I am snookered until I can choose another fabric for it!
Ah well! 1st world problem lol!
Enjoy your week folks.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Winners are Grinners!

Good morning! Mr R. has done his duty and we have our giveaway winners!
***Aussie winner***
***Overseas no.1***
***Overseas no.2***
Big congratulations ladies. I hope you enjoy your little wins.
If you could all email me at and let me have an address for postage I will get them to you.
Thank you everyone for leaving me such lovely comments.
Speaking of WINNERS......
I couldn't sign off without giving you the result of last nights game....I know you just couldn't move on with your day without knowing lol!
Great game! Off to find a sunny spot to spend some time.
Enjoy your day folks.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

One of THOSE Days!

Well we all have them...those "annoying series of mishaps" that send our blood pressure up and let's be's very easy to be all Zen when everything is running smoothly lol! I am no different! Today after a lack of communication we managed to lock ourselves out of our house and neither had our spare keys! I was also running late for a doctors appointment. As the medical centre is quite close I decided to leg it up my very steep hill. If I wasn't ill when I left I sure felt like it when I got there....numerous other little boring annoyances resulted in retrieving keys from DD from her workplace courtesy of our gorgeous neighbour who took pity on us and we are now finally home....Geez! Louise! I need the cuppa I am now devouring!
Whinge over!
A little bit of what I have been up to. My July block for Rainbow Scrap Challenge.
I changed the butterfly fabric to lemon.....not sure if I like it or not....hmmmm!
More hexies have been basted for Brinton Hall.
I am ready for another Scratchboard model....."Big Red" is finished. I met him at a sanctuary in Victoria last year. I loved him. He was so full of bluff and bravado!
I learnt a lot about colouring techniques on this piece....lots of scritching and scratching on this bloke....its about 8 inches x 10 inches.
As you know I am a RABID Queensland Maroons Rugby League fan and tonight is an important game...the decider for the series against New South Wales!
So I am even going to be stitching in Maroon.....
Well it just seems right!
*****Important ****** Thank you to all of you lovely folk who have commented on my giveaway post. Many of you I couldn't respond to as you came up as "No reply bloggers" but please be at ease you will go in the draw!  I shall get Mr. R. to draw it tomorrow and post the winners on my blog.
I did receive some gorgeous mail from my dear friend Shez
The birthday grinch won't let me open it until my actual birthday! He doesn't have to enjoy it so much!
Ok must fly.....GO THE MIGHTY MAROONS.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Sunday, July 9, 2017

A Little Giveaway

Yesterday as I  was putting together some orders of my Pocket Minis...
It occurred to me that I would like to share a set with you. There are 7 little notelets in all....1 Lavender,  1 Stitching,  1 Country, 1 Frosty and 3 Christmas ones. They make a great gift for a stitching friend too....they fit inside a standard greeting card. Each notelet has 2 designs inside, a small one on the back cover and you can also use the front design to stitch.
So as a Christmas in July giveaway, I have a set of Pocket Minis, 2 fat quarters and a skein of thread for you to win.
Due to postage restrictions the main draw is for Australia only.....BUT I will have 2 draws for a single mini for my overseas friends.
So just leave me a comment to go into the draw if you like them.....GOOD LUCK! I shall get the Mister to draw it later in the week.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Saturday, July 8, 2017


It was time last night for July's Friday Night With Friends hosted by the lovely CHERYLL.
Hexies was the order of the evening for me.....boring for you, fun for me!
My centrepiece is coming along....a corner done...
Plus top and bottom....
And the left corner was just started.....

I made sure I celebrated International Chocolate Day whilst creating..
Seemed the right thing to do! Throughly enjoyed my evening of hexies. Hopefully a few more will be in place this evening.
This week dear Daughter gave me a new book to to me at least.
Looking forward to climbing inside the covers of this one. I read Thornwood House by this author and really enjoyed it.....she is an Aussie author.
Have a lovely weekend folks.

Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Up the M1

Yesterday I accompanied Mr.R. up the M1 to the north coast to collect a piece for our van awning that he had made up there. I was promised coffee and cake if I came and being a pushover for C&C I agreed.
The thing that I didn't know was the awning business was literally right across the road from here....The Patchwork Angel! I haven't been here for a very long time.
Well I had to go in. It would have been rude not to! Besides I needed threads for my Crinoline Ladies.  So it was a "need" not a "want" lol! Well that's my story anyway. It's a lovely shop! A few bits caught my eye....
I bought some fat eighths on special to use for my clamshells. I am finding it hard to have a variety of the vintage type fabrics I wanted for this I  was pleased to get those. But mostly stitching supplies. I had a great time wandering around in there. I loved the cute caravan fabric.....NO IDEA what I bought it for....maybe it is my need to be in it and out on a country road somewhere shining through!
I did get coffee and cake...well a delicious caramel tartlet....pastry as light as!
Very nice drive it turned out to be. Nice to spend the time together.
Yesterday was also the anniversary of the day, well actually the night Mr. R. and I met. My girlfriend and I went to a Battle of the Bands competition and dance in the city at the now demolished Festival Hall. He asked me to dance and we haven't been apart for any length of time since. My friend wasn't as pleased with Mr. R'S mate....he got the heave ho lol! We seemed so grown up but we were such youngsters... a funny extra. I was to meet him the next week in the city. I missed my bus and was over an hour late....I rushed to the meeting spot, positive he would have left....but he you can say...aawwww! Lol!
We have known each other for 48 years now. The time seems to have just flown by.
Sewing wise....I am now ready to attach my hexies to the main medallion section.
Even though the hexies and I had a few disagreements, I really love this quilt design.
Still lots more hexies, hexie flowers and some clamshells in my future.
Best go. Because I skipped town yesterday, I postponed some chores. I have a very messy sewing room to tidy and sort out. Hope there are no more ufos lurking!
Enjoy your day....all of it. No matter how simple the tasks. Because life can change in a heartbeat.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

A Flimsy Finish

I have finally finished my Country at Heart Alphabet quilt top. I quite like the "make do" borders...

I had to add little cornerstones because my fabric was a bit short but I think it looks better that way. I have enough of the first border for the binding, so it has turned out quite balanced after all.
My hexies and I are over our tiff over reverse sewing and are now on speaking terms again.
And I am very close to having the last corner of hexies together.
Whilst I was getting over my sulk I finished the first stitchery block in the Crinoline Ladies Set....btw there is only 9 blocks not 12....can't count around here!
She is really rather sweet. I have started the 2nd traced block but need more thread. Hopefully I can get some today....I don't want risk them going back in their drawer!
Must dash off with Hubby to pick up a new bit for our van....he might even treat me to cake if  I am lucky.
Enjoy your day.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Sunday, July 2, 2017

It's a Bit Fresh!

Well it is for Brissy town anyway! We even had to light the fire last night....stop laughing friends down south lol! My favourite cup has been getting a work out...lots of warm Lemon and Ginger teas and the odd coffee....
You know to keep Jack Frost at bay!
For some reason this post is a wee bit long....I know...surprising for me lol!
Just when I thought it was safe to go digging around in my sewing room....eek! Another UFO of long standing attacked me recently! A lovely design from Bella Embroidery.  I have loved Crinoline Ladies since girlhood....did you ever receive one of those gorgeous Crinoline cards for your birthday?  I loved them! I think perhaps that was in my mind when I  bought this I had already started one block and being sooooo efficient have traced out all 12 blocks....yes folks 12 blocks!
Thankfully the thread is with it, so I know what I am using!
Guess I have an almost new redwork project! I think it might be safer not to open any drawers in that sewing's frightening coming face to face with my impulses!

Ok it's JULY and that means another colour in Rainbow Scrap Challenge over at SO SCRAPPY This months colour is BLUE......fabrics sorted....and it's a "butterfly " applique month too. For some reason the butterfly fabric looks apricot but it is a pretty soft pink.
I am still beavering away with my hexies but after sewing a whole row in the wrong place...reverse sewing had to happen and patience evaporated. I put it gently (ahem) aside until the aforementioned patience returns! Unpicking teeny stitches? Not fun!
So I moved on to some border choices for Country at Heart Alphabet quilt. As I am determined it should be in my stash....this is the only half decent choice!
I would have preferred a darker last border but I am going with what I have! Don't worry all this frugality always means guilt free acquisition later down the track.

Just to bore you rigid a little more lol!
I treated myself to some new art boo! Wrong sort. Didn't realise so transferred my new sketch on to it and soon discovered coloured pencils were very hard going on this textured paper....sshiish! Anyway I had invested quite a bit of time on the piece and perservered.

It took so many layers and hard burnishing to get anywhere with it. Finally though I got something half decent and the texture in the background looks good. I left it untouched to highlight the troublesome texture.
For my overseas friends. This sweet bird is called the Eastern Yellow Robin and I see a lot of them when we go exploring in the hinterland in northern New South Wales. They are quite small and make these cute cup type nests in tree forks with leaves and stick it together with cobwebs. So clever. I used a different technique to try and represent the cobwebs called gouache which is  a cross between a watercolour and acrylic paint.....first time having a go with it. My friend Kev Webb took the beautiful reference photo and I had his permission to use it. See what I  mean about clever folk.
Beautiful!  Thanks Kev!

Lastly I am posting these Violets for my dear friend Gaye who is gravely ill....hoping the love in the gesture finds its way to her heart and the prayers help her get well.

Stay warm Aussie friends and enjoy your Sunday.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx