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Monday, July 17, 2017

Catching Up

Friday I  joined some friends for a stitching day....a really lovely day....thank you Fionna. Beautiful treats and great company. I worked on my Gardener's Journal blocks as I have been neglecting them. I kept on over the weekend and finished the block....Resting in the Garden.
Because I was expected to be on the road by now my friends gave me two more birthday gifts. I decided to open them before the birthday grinch at home confiscated them until the actual day...friend Robyn makes gorgeous project pouches and I adored one she had made recently in this gorgeous fabric.
Now one lives with me....ohhh love it!
As well as beautiful Australian floral coasters by Australian artist Meryl Bell.
In side this pretty box was the cutest tea cosy hand crocheted by my friend Monica.
It fits my teapot perfectly. Love spoilt I am. Thanks lovely ladies xxx
Speaking of birthdays this weekend we had family ones....dear Father in law and our Son. Celebrating the fact you have had another turn around the sun is special.
The number is getting bigger so No 1 Son needed helpers for the candle blowing out!
Hexies are still ruling my world. The centre of Brinton Hall is assembled.
I am now working on the 92 hexagons for the borders around the centre.
Do you ever get all efficient and buy fabric for a project and safely pop it away only to use it for another project completely forgetting it was earmarked for something else.
Exactly what I have done for the blue borders for this quilt. It is now the beautiful binding on my Heart quilt, recently completed!!! Senior moment! So I am snookered until I can choose another fabric for it!
Ah well! 1st world problem lol!
Enjoy your week folks.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Hi Michelle lol its not your birthday yet,lol,lucky Gary wasnt home,lol.
    Love the project pouch that Robyn made for you and the coasters and tea cosy are lovely,nice to see you being spoilt.
    Loving your hexies its coming along nicely,enjoy your day my friend xx

  2. Best wishes to the birthday people! What lovely gifts......isn't it wonderful to be spoilt? Well....using that fabric for another project gives you an excuse to go shopping, so it's not all bad.

  3. lots of treasures, in fabric and loved ones!

  4. Such beautiful gifts for a beautiful lady. Love that blue binding for that quilt. Lots of hexies happening up your way.

  5. Lovely gifts Michelle; what a pretty project pouch, and a tea cosy is very timely in the Winter chill. Happy Birthday to No 1 Son, and who could resist using that gorgeous French blue at the first opportunity, lol. xox

  6. Oh Michelle i also meant to say how well Lucas is looking,glad he had help blowing those candles out,lol xx

  7. You have been busy Michelle ... it all looks so beautiful. Love all your new pressies too. Happy Week to you Michelle xx

  8. Wonderful that No son had lovely helpers to blow out his candles....
    Such pretty projects you are working on and what perfect gifts from your dear friends...lucky you got to open them early...

  9. Great gifts! I learned early on that as soon as I finished piecing something, I had to make the binding. A couple of times, binding fabric got used for something else while it was waiting. oops!

  10. Lovely gifts. Brinton Hall is beautiful. Hugs,xx

  11. Happy birthday to Lucas.. always need help with candle blowing. Your hexie quilt is looking gorgeous. Hope you get on the road soon.

  12. I have those senior moments too!!!

  13. Love the stitchery Michelle, glad you got to beat the Grinch a little bit!! Lovely pouch from Robyn, so nice to see the birthday boy looking healthy and getting help with the candles. Your hexies are wonderful and yes I have done the same thing with fabric. 😁

  14. You have a lovely family. So when is your Birthday. Happy Birthday To You and your Son. I have those senior moments too. You have some very special friends Michelle. Love the hexie quilt.

  15. birthday fun and sewing fun... just too much fun going on there!!! that binding is perfect and such lovely pressies...

  16. Lovely stitching and some fun birthday gifts to brighten your day . I just love your hexie project , makes me want to start one.

  17. There are a lot of birthdays happening. Best wishes to all!Lovely stitching to see and gorgeous gifts.
    If we could see into the future we would buy more of the fabric we love, then we wouldn't run out. Good luck.

  18. Lovely birthday pressies!! And stitcheries... and hexies... just altogether lovely :)

  19. I think by the time your birthday comes it will be the longest one on record! Gorgeous gifts from your lovely friends! Your Gardener lady looks very chilled out although maybe a nice wine would be a good way to relax in the garden :-) Your hexies are beautiful. Special family days - a wise friend told me we should celebrate the fact that we have been able to complete another year around the sun, rather than feeling remorseful that we are getting true xx PS Love the final meme thingy!


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